How to Get Noticed on 21 Buttons

Some of my most popular posts have been about the app and website 21 Buttons. However there is one element that many have been interested in yet I have not posted about that many people have been interested in. This is how to stand out, get noticed and therefore become more popular on the app which will result in more followers and therefore more post views which can also result in high profits due to commission. Although there is no set route and luck does also plan an element in becoming popular on any social media sight, there are a couple things you can do to stand out from the crowd.

Interaction with Others

It is not just about what you post but also how you interact with other users that can have an impact on your overall views. This is because when you like or leave a positive comment on others posts it encourages them to also check out your page and do the same and this could also lead them to want to purchase something which you have on your page. It is also a great way to not only help to grow your own page but also to encourage others to develop and grow theirs. However one thing I will say is to try and avoid self promotion on others posts as people are far more likely to want to support you when you support others rather than if you are only trying to push your own page.

Professional Pictures

By this I am not saying that you need to have someone take pictures of you professionally bu just when planning and taking your pictures try and think kind of professionally. This can be as easy as just making sure that you can just see all of your look and that you are taking the picture in decent light so that the colours are accurate in the picture.
If you are using an online app to make outfits this can also be implemented as you want these layouts to be clean and aesthetically pleasing to the audience.
Remember the better your clothing looks the more likely people are going to engage in your posts and be tempted to even purchase what you are wearing.

The Brands you Use

Although you can tag clothes and honestly anything you like from any brand or website, it is undeniable that some are more popular so by even just including one item for these popular brands could increase your footfall from people searching the posts by brands. Some of the most popular brands are; Prettylittlething, Topshop, ASOS and BooHoo. It can also be good to try and incorporate items from as many brands as possible (whilst not overcrowding your picture) to not only display more but also boost search results.

Frequent Uploads

Once you have gained a high following it is now a matter of keeping them interested in the posts and your overall page. This is done through frequent uploads of a certain level of quality of post. This means it is not quantity over quantity but rather keeping up your quality with as much quantity as you can manage. It is also ok to take a break, I have done so recently due to moving and going to university but I can’t wait to post more.
So these are some tips for growing your 21 buttons page and I really recommend getting involved in this inclusive, fun and sometimes also lucrative community!

One thought on “How to Get Noticed on 21 Buttons

  1. I am so so so grateful for this article. I’m just getting started on 21 buttons and want to engage with as many people as possible! Any more tips you have I would love to chat.


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