Animal Print for Fall

It is undeniable that Animal Print is looking to become one of this seasons hottest trends with designers such as Calvin Klein introducing the print into their collections. Whether it be a striped zebra print or a classic statement leopard pattern, this trend is both versatile and fun. However it can also be a tricky trend to tackle as it can very often be on a fine line between true class and being on the verge of tacky (although a hint of tackiness can sometimes be fun in itself!). However in order to tackle this issue there are a number of ways that animal print can be classily added to any outfit for any occasion this autumn season. Although many high end designers are using animal print I am going to use high street brands to show how web in a budget you can keep on trend.

Statement Jacket

This simple cropped jacket with a leopard print design is a great way to implement animal print into your outfit, especially as fall and eventually winter begins to approach and the weather gets cooler. Jackets like these are easy to dress both up and down for both evening and daytime events.

Standout Bag

Bags like this snakeskin print one from Fashion Nova is a great addition to so many outfits as not only can it be a standout piece in a previously simple outfit but it can also be used with outfits of almost any style or colour.

Classic Skirt

This fun and flirty Pretty Little Thing skirt with a taupe themed snake skin print is perfect to pair with not only blouses but also jumpers as the weather gets colder. The bottom of this skirt in particular has such as beautiful hem that means that it can also be worn in the evening when dresses up possibly with heels and jewellery.

Elegant Blouse

Blouses are one of the most versatile pieces in any autumn wardrobe, so those like this one which has a leopard print ensures that you will get plenty of use out of your purchase. What I love about this particular blouse is that it features this stunning choker design which is on itself a reoccurring trend in the last few years which is also sure to return this fall.

Fun Boots

Boots have to be one of my favourite styles of shoes and one of the main reasons that I look forward to the colder weather. These sock boots are so amazing and versatile as with their heels they can work both in the day and in the evening, all the while adding a fun element to any look.
Although these are my tips on how to incorporate animal print into your wardrobe and outfits the key element with animal print, like all of fashion, is to have fun. Animal print is an amazing way to add some prints and sometimes even a pop of colour to your outfit and overall wardrobe. I will be releasing more posts which will be covering more fall trends and how to incorporate them into your wardrobe.

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