How to set up the Perfect Productive Workspace

As end of year exams approach for people of all ages that means that there will undoubtedly be a rise in the number of people revising and spending endless hours sat at a desk. Whilst creating a space which is good for you to work in may not be at the top of many students’ priorities, with exams taking up most of their focus, it is an important thing to consider.

This is because not only does a clear and calming workspace can cause you to become more productive, but can also promote a higher level of wellbeing and therefore make working and revising an overall more enjoyable experience, if that is at all possible! These tips can be used not only for your workspace at home but also at any other place where study or work is going to take place, as it is always important to promote a productive workspace.


Firstly it is important to clear all distractions from your workspace. Although this may seem obvious, it can actually be a little more difficult than expected. This is because whilst most people believe that just removing devices such as phones from their workspace mean that they are now clear from distraction, this cannot always be the case. However what is more important is finding out what is distracting for you, for some people this could just be their phone or keeping certain tabs on their computer or laptop closed, for others this is more complicated.

Other examples of distractions could be pieces of art or books in eyesight, nearby windows that are not covered by blinds and are near enough to cause distraction or even for some too much of a certain colour can cause a distraction. Therefore it is important to reflect on what is distracting for you and then remove those distractions, if you can, from your workspace.


Whilst certain colours and patterns can create a distraction, for many there are also colours which can promote productive work. However it is important to note that whilst it is good to make your workspace aesthetic, the work you put into creating this workspace should be kept separate to your actual work which you plan on doing within this space. It can often improve your mood if you are comfortable with your surroundings and feel at peace with it.

Another step that can be taken to promote a productive workspace is to have everything that you may need within your space, before you work. This is because often taking a break within your work or even just worrying about whether you have everything, can cause a major distraction when you want to have all of your focus on the work in front of you.


So these are just a few ways to make your workspace more productive and to help promote work, and to all those who are going to, in the near or far future, take exams, I wish you the best of luck. Whilst these tips may not guarantee that you will ace every test, they can help you try and reach your full work potential.



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