Guide to the Shops at Disneyland Paris

There are many shops around the park that sell a range of merchandise and many have specialties which often relate to the area which they are in as well as their individual theming.


  • Temple Traders Boutique – clothing and accessories.
  • Les Trésors de Schéhérazade – clothing and costumes.
  • La Girafe Curieuse – soft toys, accessories and houseware.
  • Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost – toys, accessories and food.


  • Star Traders – star wars themes merchandise.
  • Constellations – space themes products (Lilo and Stitch and Buzz Lightyear).


  • Sir Mickey’s Boutique – soft toys and other toys.
  • Merlin l’Enchanteur – glass and art shop.
  • La Confiserie des Trois Fées – food.
  • La Boutique du Château – Christmas shop.
  • La Bottega di Geppetto – toys for younger children.
  • La Chaumière des Sept Nains (one of my favourite shops!) – Costume and accessory shop but also a few toys.


  • Thunder Mesa Mercantile Building – all round type of shop sometimes has rare items.

Main Street

  • The Storybook Store – books in a range of languages.
  • Plaza West Boutique – wide range of merchandise by the entrance/exit.
  • Plaza East Boutique – same as west but on the other side of the entrance building.
  • Main Street Motors – clothing.
  • Emporium – widest selection of everything from all the other shops.
  • Disney & Co. – toys and costumes.
  • Disney Clothiers, Ltd. – clothing.
  • Disneyana Collectibles – art and collectables.
  • Boardwalk Candy Palace – food and sweets.
  • Bixby Babies – toddlers and younger children focused shop.

Studio Park

  • Toy Story Playland Boutique – everything Toy Story!
  • The Disney Animation Gallery – art and collectables.
  • Chez Marianne – French themed toys, food and accessories.
  • Les Légendes d’Hollywood – general store selling a wide range of merchandise.



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