Four Ways to Create an Aesthetic Instagram Feed

When scrolling through Instagram it is impossible not to notice people whose whole feed is just so aesthetically pleasing. As someone who greatly admires these accounts I found myself following and beginning to emulate these accounts on my own feed. After looking and studying these feeds for a long time there were a couple of simple and easy steps that I believe anyone could take in order to make their feed more aesthetically pleasing. Of course there are more advanced methods such as creating your own Lightroom edit however these are easier steps for people who may not have the time or resources to access these platforms or to edit their photos to an advanced level. As always there are of course more ways to make an aesthetic feed, however these are the ones I like to use.

Set Colours
This is probably one of the most obvious ways in which you can create an aesthetic feed, however it is also the one that can in many cases secretly be the hardest. This is because although it may seem easy to just pick a colour or two to keep you theme based around such as classics combinations such as black and white, pink and purple or brown and orange. This can be made harder though as often you may like multiple colours or have an outfit or location you really want to post but it doesn’t fit into your theme. This however does lead onto the other colour option which is instead of just having a few colours you could expand it to shades such as a pastel theme or bright colours theme.

Same Filters and Edits
This method is more in the post-production of your pictures rather than actually taking them. Through the use of editing software or even just the filters on your camera or phones as well as those Instagram offers. This is a great way to give all of your pictures a similar feel and vibe to them and this is especially useful if you have decided that you do not want to stick to just a few colours. It is also useful because if you are in a situation where your surroundings do not fit your theme, for example if your feed is quite light and it is overcast when you are taking a picture, by editing these pictures can still be posted.

Reoccurring Imagery
If you do not want to limit yourself to a set pallet of colours or filters having set imagery which you carry across all of your pictures can be a great way to still have an aesthetic Instagram feed. Whilst a slightly more abstract method than the previous two suggestions, by using reoccurring imagery such as possibly flowers, a personal favourite of mine, you do not limit yourself to what you can post but by including these subtle, or not so subtle, imageries you feed can really be brought together.

Feed Focus
Whether it be a hobby such as a sport or a location like the even Instagram popular Disneyland, having a focus to an Instagram feed can be a great way to bring all of the pictures together. This is also a great way to build up a following of people who like similar interests. In addition say if you were to take a trip to Disneyland, even if you do not live close, if you take many pictures, even on a day visit, you can now have a large backlog of pictures to post.

So these are some simple and easy to do steps that can help you achieve a more aesthetic Instagram feed. These are great for people who just want to begin their journey into Instagram slightly more professionally or just making your own personal feed for just you friends to just look that little bit more impressive. However if you plan on making Instagram you job or even to just promote yourself or your business I would definitely recommend doing further research and possibly invest in new software’s and editing platforms.




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